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Headquartered in Uptown Dallas, Texas, Paragon Realty Advisors is a boutique brokerage and advisory firm whose mission is to provide preeminent services to the real estate and investment community. The principal behind Paragon Realty Advisors is Mark Meras — he has 34 years of real estate experience including appraisal, finance, brokerage, tax assessment, and property management.

Mark brings fresh energy with decades of experience to positively impact his clients and communities. He’s been a Texas resident for 20 years, and he has negotiated every transaction with pride and a sense of fiduciary duty. Mark looks forward to welcoming people into the Paragon family as he takes advantage of regular opportunities and creates exceptional outcomes — together.

The Difference Between a real estate Broker and an Advisor

Mark is frequently asked what makes Paragon Realty Advisors different from a “normal” real estate brokerage. The short answer is an advisor can offer services that often fall outside the scope of buyer/seller and tenant/landlord representation.  

Isn’t every real estate broker an ‘advisor’?  

Anyone can call themselves an advisor — but if they are working for a national franchise or publicly traded brokerage, the likelihood that they can offer consulting and advisory services outside of a transaction is slim. Most agents are compensated through commission payments when a property sells or leases. If there is no sale or lease transaction, the agent doesn’t get paid, and working for free or as a consultant does not fit within the traditional brokerage model. 

The reason Mark chose to establish an independent firm is so he could operate with the client in mind, rather than reporting to a corporate entity. As a result, he offers traditional brokerage services, and a wide range of non-traditional services that aren’t dependent on a transaction taking place. In fact, many of his advisory projects do not involve a transaction at all.  The best part is that his services can be tailored to the needs of his client and circumstances.  

What makes Mark qualified to be an 'advisor'? 

Mark’s 34-years of experience includes advanced degrees and additional certifications beyond what is commonly required by the local and national associations. Mark has experience in every asset class, and has worked with public, private and institutional investors large and small. He is also an owner and investor himself, so his guidance comes from real life experience, not just a real estate course he took online. The bottom line: his knowledge goes deeper, and that’s a good thing for you.


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